My Classic Car: Wayne Brewer’s 1949 Chevrolet 3100


Photos courtesy Wayne Brewer
Photos courtesy Wayne Brewer

This is my first classic and at age 62 I feel like a boy with a new toy.

My truck is a 1949 Chevy, a 3100 equipped with a 350 V8 engine and automatic transmission. It has a great looking bed and paint job — a nice charcoal grey that gets a lot of attention.

It’s not what I would call a show-quality truck, but as a daily driver she is very nice and will make me proud to display at our local car shows.

waynetruck1Why did I wait so long to buy my truck? Well, I retired and my wife and I moved to Hendersonville, North Carolina, and bought a second home there. Hendersonville has an active classic car club. I went to one of its shows and though it looked like a lot of fun. I needed a hobby and wanted to meet new people in the area.

I started looking on the internet for classic cars and found this truck at a dealer in Atlanta. At first I was looking at cars, but then my wife told me that it was a dream of hers to own a vintage truck. She grew up in Tucson, Arizona, and her grandfather and father both owned old trucks and I think she just fell in love with the idea of someday owning one herself.

My plan is to trade for a different classic every two years. Maybe next time I’ll switch to a classic car.

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