Who wants a piece of Ferrari

Looking for a quick way to speed up the order of your 458 Speciale? Fiat-Chrysler recently announced that 10% of Ferrari will be up for sale before the end of the year.

Ferrari sells 10%

This announcement was made days before the Q3 earnings report and provided a healthy bump to their ability to secure financing. Ferrari will become an independent company once again, but its likely that the Agnelli family will retain control through their various holding companies(1). With 10% being available to the highest bidder, who would stand to benefit the most from owning a share of the prancing horse?

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Historically, one of Enzo Ferrari’s arch rivals was Henry Ford II. Ford wanted to buy Ferrari in the early 60’s but Enzo wouldn’t sell. This prompted Ford to build the GT40 and beat Ferrari at their own game. Since VW owns Lamborghini, it would make sense for BMW to jump at this opportunity. With the two German superpowers battling for the ultra-lux market via Rolls-Royce and Bentley, it would only make sense to bring their fight to Italy. Another logical choice would be Bernie Ecclestone. The owner & proprietor of Formula1 loves to exert his control over financing and team regulations, what better way to ensure Scuderia Ferrari’s success on the track. Our final guess would be Ralph Lauren. One of the most prolific fashion designers of all time also has an incredible collection of vintage and current Ferraris. In a perfect world he could add a bit of American flair to the Italian brand. One thing is certain. Whoever buys these shares stands to make a tidy profit in the next few years.

– by Andrew Nabors

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