Museums: Hershey School ‘limbo’ wagon slated for restoration

One of the Hershey School's 'limbo wagons' is ready for restoration | AACA Museum photo
One of the Hershey School’s ‘limbo wagons’ is ready for restoration | AACA Museum photo

It was in 1959, during the 50th anniversary of the school and home for orphaned boys founded by Milton S. and Catherine Hershey, that the decision was made to provide a more home-style environment. Part of that change included purchasing a fleet of station wagons.

To replace the more formal school buses that had been used for student travel between housing units and the school, the school purchased a fleet of 1962 Chevrolet Biscayne wagons. Those wagons went to Stageway, a coachbuilder in Cincinnati, for conversion to hold a driver and as many as 13 students at a time. Continue reading

Museums: Beaulieu to fire up famed BRM V16 engine

1950 BRM will roar back to life | National Motor Museum photo by Samantha  Samantha Cook Photography
1950 BRM will roar back to life | National Motor Museum photo by Samantha Samantha Cook Photography

If you want to draw a crowd, simply start the engine of a vintage racing car. The unmuffled sound is magnetic. Crank it and they will come.

You may recall the celebration that surrounded the repair and restarting in 2014 of the engine in Malcolm Campbell’s “Blue Bird” Sunbeam 1924 speed-record car, and the crowd that gathered a year later when the car made another run on the Pendine Sands. Continue reading

Museums: Blackhawk showcases ‘Transatlantic Style’

Buick Y-Job arrives at the Blackhawk for Transatlantic Style exhibit | Blackhawk museum photo
Buick Y-Job arrives at the Blackhawk for Transatlantic Style exhibit | Blackhawk museum photo

Saturday is Deuce Day at the Petersen

Just unveiled and running through September 30, the Blackhawk Automotive Museum in Danville, California, offers what figures to be one of the most talked-about exhibitions of the year — “Transatlantic Style: A Romance of Fins and Chrome.”

Featuring about two dozen stunningly designed automobiles, the exhibition is based on the book, Stile Transatlantico / Transatlantic Style, by author Donald Osborne and photographer Michael Furman. Continue reading

Blackhawk museum again welcomes enthusiasts and their cars with coffee — and more

Photos courtesy Blackhawk Automotive Museum
Photos courtesy Blackhawk Automotive Museum

Turns out the famed Blackhawk Automotive Museum in northern California is interested in more than just its own collection of some of the world’s finest collectible vehicles. With the start of the new year, the museum began hosting a Cars & Coffee gathering for auto enthusiasts and their cars on the first Sunday of each month.
cars n coffee jan 2014-376

The museum was hoping at least 100 or so Bay Area classic and exotic car owners might turn out for the first one . But those expectations proved not nearly optimistic enough as 415 cars showed up, including everything from a Lancia Lambda, Lincoln Waterhouse and Packard Roadster from the late 1920s to the latest 2014 models from Lamboghini, Porsche and an F-type Jaguar.Things got so busy that the museum’s executive director Timothy McGrane got pressed into service directing cars to available parking spaces (see top photo).

The museum’s second First Sunday Cars & Coffee is scheduled for this coming Sunday. The event begins at 9 a.m., and participating car owners receive free museum admission for two from event sponsor Cole European, with Scott’s Catering providing coffee and pastries.

Since it’s Super Bowl Sunday, the museum suggests spending the day at Blackhawk Plaza in Danville, with brunch at the Blackhawk Grille and viewing of the game on the big screens at Fieldhouse Sports Grille & Tavern.

The new First Sunday Cars & Coffee is just part of the museum’s 25th anniversary, which continues through July.

A Speaker Series opens February 8 with automotive columnist, European correspondent and Formula One editor Andrew Frankl of Forza magazine making a presentation and talking about his book, Frankly Frankl: Life, Love, Luck & Automobiles. In addition to covering F1 for 50 years, Frankl is European bureau chief for the Autochannel and has driven nearly every new production car introduced since 1996.

On March 15, the speaker will be Jim Wangers, the former advertising executive whom many consider to be the godfather of the Pontiac GTO and the Detroit muscle car era.

The museum also launches a new Tours program with trips aboard the Snow Train and Fun Train to Reno to visit the National Automobile Museum (nee Harrah’s Collection). For details on those train trips, which run through March 11, visit

Also on the Tours schedule is a trip May 6-16 to the Monaco Historic Races and the Mille Miglia Tour. The trip includes a visit to the Enzo Ferrari Museum. Email for details.

And the Music at the Museum Concert Series continues February 14 with contemporary jazz singer and guitarist Bobby Caldwell doing a Valentine’s Day concert.

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