Rewind: The unexpected 1964 Ford Mustang, coming April 17

(Editor’s note: Vintage television commercials can be as classic as the cars they promoted back in the day. This is one in an ongoing series of such vintage car commercials we’ve found on YouTube.)

In 1964, Ford debuted the Mustang, a car for those who “want stick-shift action and room for four,” that was “designed to be designed by you.”

Without ever showing a clear overview of what the car looks like, the commercial teases the public with close-up shots of select features, encouraging Americans to see the “unexpected” Ford Mustang at their Ford Dealerships on April 17.

2 thoughts on “Rewind: The unexpected 1964 Ford Mustang, coming April 17”

  1. Hi the 1964 Mustang Is a great part of American history in the automotive business for sure I’m 63 and I’m still driving a Mustang

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