Rewind: 1960 Ford Falcon

(Editor’s note: Vintage television commercials can be as classic as the cars they promoted back in the day. This is one in an ongoing series of such vintage car commercials we’ve found on YouTube.)

‘Is this a commercial?” Linus, a character from the Peanuts comic strip, asks in a two-minute animated TV commercial voiced by Paul Frees, also featuring Charlie Brown and Lucy, who learn about Americas best-selling compact car, the 1960 Ford Falcon.

Frees tells Linus that all the other six-passenger compact cars don’t measure up to the Falcon’s price points, a whole $154 less than other compact cars, and the Falcon also saves drivers money because it can go a whole 4,000 miles between oil changes and gets 30 miles per gallon.

In the words of Linus: “considering all it has to offer, it deserves to be successful.”

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