Retromobile auctions total $99.5 million

The scene at Bonhams auction preview | Bonhams photos
The scene at Bonhams auction preview | Bonhams photo

Bonhams has totaled up the sales figures for its recent Paris auction.

Adding its nearly $25.4-million sale to the $52.2 million generated at Articurial and the $22 million at RM, total sales for the three auctions held in conjunction with Retromobile totaled some $99.5 million.

That figure is a stunning $19 million more than what the three sales totaled at Retromobile in 2014.

And that figure is even more impressive when you consider that the U.S. dollar is worth considerably more compared with the euro than it was a year ago.

Of course, the big reason for the bump in Retromobile sales was the discovery by Artcurial of the Bailion collection, nearly 60 vehicles that had been stored in open sheds behind a garden wall for several decades in western France.

Those cars alone attracted not only more than 3,500 people to the Artcurial auction, but brought in $28.5 million, including a record $18.5 million for a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT short-wheelbase California Spider.

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