Rally Historico Transpeninsular out to recapture historic days

Classic Mustang participating in the Rally | Photos courtesy of Michael Satterfield, thegentlemanracer.com

“The reason for the classic car focus is to create an event that recaptures the lost days of road racing,” said Michael Satterfield, editor of thegentlemanracer.com  who will be racing in a 1962 Austin Healy in the Rally Historico Transpeninsular, a 1700-kilometer rally June 19-21 from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Satterfield is also involved in the production of the rally.

Rally organizers expect between 40 and 60 classic cars to participate, with spectators along the entire route.

IMG_0088“We see a number of different cars from BMW, Porsche, and Austin Healey, to Studebaker, Chevrolet, and Ford participating in the event. It is a good mix of cars mostly from the 1960s,” Satterfield said.

Participating cars can be in one of four classes A, B, C and exhibition.

“1973 is the cut off for the historic classes,” Satterfield said, adding, however, that “we have an exhibition class that is open to any vehicle.”

According to Satterfield, engine size determines a vehicle’s placement into the historic classes, although non-original engines and modifications will also be taken into consideration when cars are grouped.  To be categorized in Class A, a vehicle can have up to 2500-cc displacement. Class B is up to 4-liters. Class C is 4001-cc and up.

IMG_0107Trophies are being provided by BRM Watches and the winner of the three historic classes will receive a BRM watch and the co-driver will receive BRM cufflinks.

This is the inaugural year for the Rally Historico Transpeninsular and while it takes place in Mexico, Satterfield reports that, “we have teams from the US, Mexico, and a few from overseas.”

To participate in the rally, Satterfield says, “read the entire rule book since this is a real race and requires modern safety equipment.”

The cost works out to about $5,000 and includes accommodations, most meals, trophies, and all the fees and insurance.

To register or view the rule book, visit the Rally Historico Transpeninsular website.

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