Pick of the Day: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird replica

1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird replica

After winning 38 of the 48 major races during the 1970 NASCAR season, the 1970 Plymouth Superbird was outlawed from NASCAR the following year, making the car very notorious and highly desirable. Only 1,935 cars were produced for customers and prices have skyrocketed, making the cars unattainable for the everyday enthusiast.

This 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird tribute offers all the performance and style of the original car, the seller says in the ClassicCars.com listing, but is more attainable for the everyday enthusiast, making it the Pick of the Day.

This tribute car is being offered from a dealer in Lithia Springs, Georgia, for $59,995, which is about one-third the value of an original Superbird, according to Hagerty’s price guide. And there are no major deviations from the real thing, the seller states.

This replica has the look and feel of the original car due to the elongated steel nose cone and towering rear wing, as well as other details that are spec-correct and include the vents on the fenders and the extended hood. The paint, Petty Blue, is one of the original color options for the Superbird. Enhancing its identity are the correct badges and decals throughout the car.

This replica has the look and feel of the original car

A noticeable discrepancy, though, is the roof; authentic Superbirds all came with vinyl tops.

This car features a standard Road Runner interior with bucket seats and a console. The listing also says the seat covers are new and the interior features a “woodgrain on the console that matches the steering wheel.”

Powering this Superbird replica is a 440 cid V8 that was rebuilt to stock specs, and according to the listing, it “generates the kind of big torque that makes this Superbird a blast to drive on the street.” The motor has been worked on with an attention to detail and features dual-snorkel air cleaner up top with reproduction decals, plus Hemi Orange paint and a set of finned valve covers for dress-up. Mated to this is a 3-speed automatic transmission.

And for some real pieces of authenticity, take a look in the trunk, where the seller says you will find the signatures of NASCAR legend Richard Petty and hockey great Dave Inman.

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4 thoughts on “Pick of the Day: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird replica”

  1. Not only is the roof not vinyl but the rear window plug is not correct, as it was special for the superbird. A repop can be had with the correct glass. If I bought this I would have to go the extra mile and redo the rear window and vinyl roof

  2. My ORIGINAL Superbird had a ALUMINUM nose–as I recall after Mechanic mashed it and I found a bodyman who built them new fix the aluminum back to new.

  3. The Roadrunner Superbird was the easiest car 2 counterfeit body guys good make that wing and put it on the back and somebody with a pocket full of cash thought they were getting something they weren’t. I had a 70 Roadrunner that was not a Superbird came with a 440 HP 4 speed on the floor and was damn straight muscle car with the air Grabber Hood

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