Multiple Choice: 1957 Buick or 1957 Mercury?

Once again, you’re at an auction (in this case, it’s a Silver Auction) and you can afford to bring home only one of these classics. Your choice involves 1957 models from two of Detroit’s upscale brands — a two-tone green Buick Century and a red-and-white Mercury Turnpike Cruiser. Which one do you want, and why?

8 thoughts on “Multiple Choice: 1957 Buick or 1957 Mercury?”

  1. Buick has always been a superior auto to Mercury, although this particular one is very nice looking.

  2. The Turnpike Cruiser has more styling cues like the rear window I believe is a power slider. Push button transmission , very innovative.
    Now all the cars look nearly the same thanks to government regulations forcing saftey & CAFE standards.

  3. I like the mercury but the old :y:block is a terrible engine with oiling problems.the 1958 model is much better with the replacement engine ford and mercury introduced.

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