Multiple Choice: 1957 Buick or 1957 Mercury?

Once again, you’re at an auction (in this case, it’s a Silver Auction) and you can afford to bring home only one of these classics. Your choice involves 1957 models from two of Detroit’s upscale brands — a two-tone green Buick Century and a red-and-white Mercury Turnpike Cruiser. Which one do you want, and why?

13 thoughts on “Multiple Choice: 1957 Buick or 1957 Mercury?”

  1. Buick has always been a superior auto to Mercury, although this particular one is very nice looking.

  2. The Turnpike Cruiser has more styling cues like the rear window I believe is a power slider. Push button transmission , very innovative.
    Now all the cars look nearly the same thanks to government regulations forcing saftey & CAFE standards.

  3. I like the mercury but the old :y:block is a terrible engine with oiling problems.the 1958 model is much better with the replacement engine ford and mercury introduced.

  4. Well, considering it’s in the top five, of my wish list, of cars I’d love, to own, it would be the Mercury Turnpike Cruiser

  5. Love the Buicks, nailhead and all but it has 2 doors too many and the Merc is a 2 door hardtop and has the right colours. I love ’em all but leaned toward Ford products in the fifties (And Studebaker coupes)

  6. I solved the problem < I own one of each, Buick is the better car , but I love alnost any 1957 year auto , it was agreat year for styling , like 1941 ,or 1932.

  7. Buick. Much better looking. The Merc had a Edsel like oddball look. The 57 Buick was about going fun places while the Mercury was more like a corporate parking lot.

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