Model A Club tour to visit Owls Head Museum

Model A 2dr Pheaton
Model A 2-Door Pheaton | Owls Head Transportation Museum Photo

The Owls Head Transportation Museum will be invaded June 10 by more than 200 Model A Fords participating in the Lobsters and Lighthouses 2015 Model A Ford Club National tour of Maine. Participants are coming from all over the United States, with some also arriving from New Zealand.

The Model A tour will consist of seven days, beginning June 7, and tour the coast of Maine from Kennebunkport to Bar Harbor with stops along the way including the Owls Head Museum. The cars are expected to arrive at the museum around 9:30 a.m. and stay until early afternoon. The Model A’s can be seen on the museum’s Runway 17 show grounds. A diverse number of body styles for the vintage Fords will be represented by the club.

In addition to the exhibit of Model A Fords, visitors can view the museum’s current exhibits, including “Faster: The Quest for Speed,” a full-scale representation of the famous Wright Flyer, and a new exhibition, “The Artist’s Passion for the Automobile,” featuring a collection of more than 25 original works by artist Melbourne Brindle on display in the museum’s newly revamped gallery space.

For more information, view the museum’s website or the Model A Ford Club National’s website.

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