‘Kyle’s Collection’ to be auctioned by Morphy Auctions

Musgo Gasoline porcelain advertising sign. Morphy Auctions image
Musgo Gasoline porcelain advertising sign | Morphy Auctions photo

Morphy Auctions offers a collection of gas globes, pumps and petroleum-related signs and memorabilia assembled over a 40-year period by Kyle D. Moore, a cable TV entrepreneur who died in March, 2014.

Prior to Moore’s death, he sold the collection to an Oklahoma businessman who kept the collection as was at Kyle Moore’s house.

Independent Gasoline gas pump globe.
Independent Gasoline gas pump globe

The collection contains more than 900 gas globes, 150 vintage gas pumps, and 2,000 petroleum-related advertising signs.

“Even though the collection belongs to another individual, it is so famous within the hobby, it is still widely known by the nickname ‘Kyle’s Collection,'” said Dan Matthews, head of Morphy Auctions’ Petroliana department.

According to Morphy Auctions, the collection has an estimated value of $15 million to $20 million and will be dispersed in a series of four or five auctions, with the opener slated for October 5.

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