Information For First Time Visitors


Software Requirements

For optimal viewing, we recommend viewing through a modern Web browser, such as Internet Explorer 9 or the latest version of Chrome or Firefox.

In order to use much of the functionality of the site, we require that you set your browser to allow cookies, JavaScript, and pop-up windows from By default, most browsers are configured to allow cookies and JavaScript, but may block certain types of pop-up windows. Please see your browser’s documentation for more information.

The Featured Vehicles Gallery on our home page and our Photo Gallery require a recent version of Adobe Flash. is optimized for screens with a minimum resolution of 800×600 and a minimum color depth of 24 bits (millions of colors). Please consult your computer’s documentation for setting optimal resolution and color depth if the photographs on our site appear blotchy or with limited colors.

Uploading Photos

Adding photographs to your vehicle listing is easy and generally requires three easy steps:

Import your photos

If you have a digital camera, consult your camera’s documentation for detailed instructions on how to transfer your photographs from your camera to your computer. Often, this is as simple as connecting your camera to your computer via a special cable. Be sure to save your photographs in JPEG format (the files will have a “.jpg” extension).

If you have paper photos, you’ll need to scan them. If you don’t have a scanner, one may be just around the corner: many supermarkets, drug stores, and copy centers have self-service kiosks where you may scan your photographs and store them digitally on a compact disc.

Optimize your photos

Before you upload your photos to, take a good look at them on your screen. Do they look dull? Do they lack color? If you feel that your photos don’t represent your vehicle as well as they could, consider enhancing them with a photo enhancement tool such as iPhoto from Apple (if you have a Macintosh) or Picasa from Google. While guiding you through a photo enhancement is outside the scope of this document, both products (and others like them) are very easy to use and can work wonders on many photographs.

You may also want to use your photo software to crop your image—that is, cut out extraneous areas from your photos that don’t contain your vehicle, such as sky, grass, or pavement. Don’t crop too much though! Photos with a little bit of space around the vehicle generally look best.

Upload your photos

Once your photos are ready, simply log in and use the Add Photos page (available in My Listings or as you are creating your listing) to send them to us. Click the “Browse…” button to select an image, enter an optional caption, and click the “Upload Photo” button. Repeat this process for each of your photographs. We will automatically resize your photographs for optimal online viewing.