Sample Fraudulent Buyer Inquiry

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Fraudulent Buyer Inquiry (Usually begins simple and normal, no immediate red flags):

Hello, is this vehicle still for sale?

Seller Response:

Yes it is, I am ready to sell let’s make a deal!

Fraudulent Buyer Response:

Hello again, Thanks for the fast reply. I am a serious buyer and wouldn’t want to waste your time or mine since my job is very demanding and I have little spare time. I know the car, my dad drove one a few years back, the price is OK with me. I would like to arrange a pre-purchase inspection and if the report is OK I’ll fly down to your address, pay and take it away. If you are OK with this then email me and I’ll be paying the inspection company for the service. Once I’ll be making the payment they will contact you for a qualified mechanic to come over to your address. I hope this is a straight forward deal and I’ll be buying my dream car. Thank you, William Benjamin Tabler Jr. Senior Design Architect

Hilton Worldwide 7930 Jones Branch Drivejko McLean, VA 22102 USA

Seller Response:

Auto-chex sent me an email to register. I registered and it sent me to a page that had the price of the car plus the $524 for the inspection fee. Why is the price of the car with the inspection fee? I would have thought that the inspsection would have been strictly something that involved you and the inspection company. Then they would contact me. I tried to logue into the site and it doesn’t come up. I can only access the site from the email they sent me. This concerns me. I can’t agree to the site”s “Terms of Use” because there are instructions such, as the “Transaction Escrow Instructions,” that are not found with in the site. Please, call me so I can speak to you about Auto-chex. Once we resolve my concerns we can move forward.

No response from fraudulent buyer:

Once the seller has completed this step the fraud has been completed as they have gathered personal information about the seller that can be used in many ways and places

Seller Follows up with another response:

I have not heard back from you or Auto-chex. I had some questions concerning auto chex. I have called them, left a massage, and also emailed them. They have not responded. Any thoughts?

Fraudulent buyers response:

Hello again, I should not write to you anymore but despite all the advices I received here it goes. I received an email, from someone named Andrew, pretending to be your son and selling the car. Well he told me he’ll send me an invoice from eBay, directly into my email address, and I need to make a $ 1000 deposit through Western Union to a guy name Andrew Tolonton in Bronx, New York. Trust me that it’s not a money problem since I have the money ready and I could of sent a deposit but I had problems in the past. I don’t know if you are legit or not but I forwarded the emails to eBay and and they told me it’s a scam email and I should not contact you in the future. Again, I am not making accusations but I got scammed last month for $8000 when I tried to buy a car. Hope you understand the situation and why I can’t move forward with the deal Thank you, William Benjamin Tabler Jr. Senior Design Architect

Hilton Worldwide 7930 Jones Branch Drivejko McLean, VA 22102 USA