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buyer and seller information classic cars

Dear Seller,

We are contacting you regarding the e-mail sent to us by Jeannette Mullins concerning the merchandise she bought from you. She wrote to our desk to made it known to us that you will be helping her to take care of the shipment for the vehicle and she wanted us to be aware about it and to let you know that she is a verified user and that we can testify to it that it is legitimate and that is the reason why we are writing back to you, so that you can know that you are 100% safe and that you are covered by our insurance.
Jeannette Mullins

has a PayPal insurance with us and we assured you that you are well protected and covered doing this on her behalf.

We assured you that Jeannette Mullins is a verified PayPal User and she also has an insurance policy with us, so we hereby giving you a maximum assurance that you can go on and with the help regarding the shipment she asked for from you as long as she has already added the so said amount to your original purchasing price.

PayPal guarantee you that you are well protected and covered by our insurance and to make you sure that every process done on her behalf by you is well known to us and that we will be responsible for any circumstances that happened during the process.

Jeannette Mullins has done this in order to protect both of you and our own integrity as an online financial company and also as an insured partner.

Note: This e-mail was sent via our e-mail payments service, all inquiries should be directed to us by replying to this e-mail us @

Do not send or released your password to any body .

Please, understand that this is a security measure to help protect both the Buyer and the Seller. Therefore, we apologize for the inconvenience that we may have caused you.