Sample of Known Overpayment Scam

Fraudulent Buyer Inquiry (Usually begins simple and normal, no immediate red flags):

Hello, is this vehicle still for sale?

Seller Response:

Yes it is, I am ready to sell let’s make a deal!

Fraudulent Buyer Response:

Thank you for your mail,I did go through the details on the site,but I still have a few questions that I’ll like to confirm;
Do you have any specific reason for selling?
How many miles are presently on it?
How many people have owned the vehicle?
Is there any repair needed to be done?
What is your bottomline price?
Then if there is any other information about the vehicle,do not hesistate
to let me know. Also state the present location of the vehicle.
Do get back to me as soon as you can.Have a wonderful day.

Seller Response:

50000 miles on odometer
3 people including me
Small leak in the power steering pump; I will fix if the price is close to what I am asking.
I drive the car once per week, I just have noticed that it has a small power steering leak, if you take her with that as it is; I will take $11,400
I absolutely feel this is a great bargain for a car made in only one year (1978) and is pretty rare
She can be driven anywhere at any time.
Always garage kept.

Fraudulent buyers response:

Thanks for your mail,to be honest,I think am happy with your price and I wish to complete the payment soon so I can be the new owner of the vehicle. Actually I bought a similar vehicle from a seller in Atlanta GA at the price of $19,000 and I sent payment to him,on getting to the pick up,my shipper and agent discovered that the vehicle has had an accident before and the seller did not inform me of this so I had to cancel the transaction. I have informed him that I have seen another vehicle with a lesser price and have instructed him that he will be sending the funds to you and he accepted,though he said that he will deduct $100 from the total funds as the listing expences since he will place the vehicle back to the Advert,he also told me that his credit union allows a refund payment on one cashier’s check only.So, He will be sending the whole funds($19,000) to you.Since your vehicle is cheaper($11,400), the difference ($7,600) would be used to offset shipping charges and other expences.You will have to deduct your price once payment gets to you,and help us westernunion the balance to the shipper. I will advice my shipper and agent to contact you for the pickup as soon as you receive the payment.title papers and other necessary documents will either be collected from you at the point of pick-up or sent via fedex courier to me. Confirm this and provide
1)Name (cheque will be made payable to),
2)Address ( the check will be delivered to) and Phone number for check payment to be delivered to you via registered mail.