Gone, but certainly not forgotten

Twenty fourteen was a wonderful year for the classic car community, but it also was a time of some sadness as some of our favorite people left us:

Mike Alexander, hot rod builder
John Bishop, racing executive
Jack Brabham, racer
Harold Coker, vintage tire company founder
Mary Davis, racer and Portifino hotel founder
Victor Elmaleh, original importer of the VW Beetle to U.S.
William Clay Ford, car company scion
Frank Hagerty, insurance company founder
Ed Hermann, actor, collector and concours judge and master of ceremonies
Jim Jeffords, racer
Ronnie Kaplan, racer
Ray Lambrecht, collector
Brian Lister, sports car builder
Tom Magliozzi, radio personality
Linda Petty, King Richard’s wife
Arnold Rapoport, collector
Jim Rogers, collector and museum founder
Bill “Speedy” Smith, racer, collector and museum founder
Bill Spoerle, Indy speedway restoration expert
Massimo Tamburini, motorcycle designer
Dick Thompson, racer
A.J. Watson, race car builder


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