Eye Candy: Hot Import Nights at Las Vegas

Founded in 1998, Hot Import Nights has become the car show event series for the younger generation of enthusiasts. Events are well produced and take place around the world. They are designed to make car culture alluring by placing a focus on not just the cars but the lifestyle that comes with them.

Each HIN typically mixes beautiful girls, up-and-coming artists or DJs, smoke machines, lights, and is held in an exotic location not typically accessible to the local car community.

Last weekend, HIN was held inside the Las Vegas Convention Center, the annual home to the SEMA Show. In a one-off collaboration, HIN took place alongside a Vape Summit, a trade show for the electric cigarette industry.

“From the hottest cars to the most beautiful models around, HIN Las Vegas brought another level of entertainment to the Las Vegas Convention Center alongside the Vape Summit.”Wayne Raqueno from HIN said. “With the emergence of the vape industry, it only makes sense to showcase our shows together.”

According to Raqueno, one challenge HIN faced in Vegas was “the fight of the century on the same weekend, and we still pulled a knockout performance.

“But,”he added, “we are looking forward to the next show in Seattle.”

The cars showcased featured the latest in automotive technology as well as popular trends such as fender flairs, spoilers, and wheels.

With a name like Hot Import Nights, you do not expect to see domestic vehicles on display, but there was a few in attendance that warranted our attention. What also caught our eye included a chrome blue Ferrari, lots of “Lambo”doors, a gold motor and Forrest Wang’s S14 from the 2014 Formula Drift series.

For more information and a complete HIN schedule, see the Hot Import Nights website.

Photography by Matthew Fink

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