Eye Candy: Hershey Car Corral

Photos by Dennis David

Once again, the annual AACA fall meet in Hershey, Pennsylvania, was a success with vendors lining approximately 25 miles of cars, parts, and everything in-between. Lining the outside perimeter was the famous car corral, featuring cars and trucks from all decades. Indeed, collectors bring their vehicles in hopes of a sale with the profits going toward their next purchase.

The car corral is the natural extension of the swap meet, which is easily among the largest in the world. All cars for the car corral must be at least 25 years old and driven in.

Cars that are labeled as “parts cars” or restoration candidates usually find their place in the swap meet

There are some mild customs, but most are restored or restored-to-original condition cars that look very good.

Just walking through the car corral one is able to find anything from a brilliantly restored car to an extreme low-mileage original.

The AACA car corral is the highlight for many show goers. The corral also changes from day to day throughout the meet as cars are sold and more arrive. If you don’t find what you’re looking for one day it could very well turn up the next day. The variety also keeps things fresh from one day to the next.


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