Eye Candy: Fall Florida Autofest swap meet

overview of the swap meet
Overview of the swap meet | Photos by Nicole James

Vendors had everything from chrome bumpers, decals, chassis and steering wheels to electric scooters and sun hats at the first Carlisle Events swap meet at the Sun n’ Fun facility in Lakeland, Florida. It appeared as though there was something for everyone.

Walking up and down the rows, we found that vendors were friendly and invited shoppers into their booth areas to show them the great deals, specialty items and, in most cases, advertised how far they traveled to get to the show.

Classic Car News talked to a vendor who had traveled to the Florida show from  Pennsylvania, proclaiming, “We love Carlisle Events, the show they put together is our bread and butter so we will travel everywhere they go and would never miss one.”

Others said they had come from Texas and even Oregon.

This swap meet also had an array of spectators using homemade shopping carts and interesting vehicles to get around, among them   a Corvette-styled scooter, a General Le- inspired vehicle and old coolers used as trailers.

Photography by Nicole James 


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