Eye Candy: Barrett-Jackson Day at the Scottsdale Pavilions car show


Photos by Nicole James

It was Barrett-Jackson Day last Saturday at what is believed to be one of the longest-running weekly car gatherings in the country. Officially called the McDonald’s Rock ’n’ Roll Classic Car Show, the every-Saturday-of-the-year event it is more commonly known as “the Pavilions,” or even “Pavs” to Phoenix area car enthusiasts. Despite having classic in the name, all different years, makes and models attend the event blending the classic car crowd with new model enthusiasts and everything in between.

The show is held in the parking lot of the Pavilions at Talking Stick, a shopping mall in Scottsdale, Arizona. Barrett-Jackson stages its 44th annual collector car auction starting Saturday, a few miles up the road from this location.

As sort of a kickoff to the auction, Barrett-Jackson displayed some of the cars that will be offered at the auction and also handed out posters, bags and key chains to fans.

As usual, as many as 500 cars and around 150 motorcycles were displayed by their proud owners. This week, Party Time DJs provided a steady supply of 1950’s era music.

3 thoughts on “Eye Candy: Barrett-Jackson Day at the Scottsdale Pavilions car show”

  1. Why does Barrett-Jackson arrange their TV coverage over three DirecTV channels? Some of their TV coverage is after midnight in our area of Maryland.

  2. No, I am not joking! I plan to record them; but, the problem, in my area at least, is the showing times and channels vary. For instance some of the shows are broadcast during off hours and on any one of three channels. This does not make it easy to find! I have, however, found most or all of the shows. Who are you anyway?

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