Elton John-owned Ferrari Daytona in Silverstone auction

The Ferrari Daytona was owned by Elton John from 1973-75 | Silverstone Auctions photos
The Ferrari Daytona was owned by Elton John from 1973-75 | Silverstone Auctions photos

British pop star Elton John, fresh off the success of his breakthrough album, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, went right out and bought a Ferrari Daytona. Or so the story goes.

What is documented it that the singer of Rocketman zoomed around in his 1972 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona from 1973 to 1975, no doubt enjoying the music of its 352-horsepower V12 engine.

The Daytona's interior looks brilliant
The Daytona’s interior looks brilliant

That Ferrari will come up for auction during Silverstone Auctions’ collector car sale July 29-30 at the Silverstone circuit in England. The right-hand-drive coupe is a matching-numbers example, according to Silverstone, painted Rosso Chiaro with a black interior.

After John’s ownership, the Ferrari’s history in known, with the last collector having the car for 16 years. The Daytona is in immaculate condition, the auction house says, despite 81,675 miles on its odometer. The Ferrari comes with copies of the original build sheets, order forms, delivery correspondence and a chronologically ordered file of every Ferrari service bill and receipt from new.

The estimated value for the Daytona is £525,000 to £575,000 ($681,000 to $746,000).

“What a car! We’re delighted to be offering this very special Ferrari Daytona with pure rock and roll history in our Silverstone Classic Sale,” Will Smith, classic car specialist for Silverstone Auctions, said in a news release.

“The Daytona was billed as the fastest road car in the world in its day, faster than the Lamborghini Miura released two years earlier. The car presents in exceptional condition having been very well maintained by its previous owners, including Sir Elton John, adding extra appeal and distinction to this rare and collectible classic car.”

For information about the Silverstone sale, visit the auction website.

2 thoughts on “Elton John-owned Ferrari Daytona in Silverstone auction”

  1. “very special Ferrari Daytona “. Not. Since when did Elton John ownership raise the actual value of ANY car? And who cares if he did own it?It’s not like it’s the ex-Marcello Mastroianni Lancia….

  2. I’m sure there are some people out there who like to be able to boast that their pride and joy was once owned by (insert your favourite celebrity’s name here) and I guess that if you get two or more of these people together in the same auction room, it might be possible to raise the vehicle’s value.
    I think that, in some eyes, a celebrity laden list of former owners might make a particular vehicle more (or less?) desirable.
    Elton John is such a car nut that it’s almost harder to find a second hand Bentley (in UK) that doesn’t have his name in the log book.

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