Date set for 2015 Collector Car Appreciation Day

Drive your cool old roadster on Classic Car Appreciation Day | Bob Golfen
Drive your cool old roadster on Classic Car Appreciation Day | Bob Golfen

The sixth annual Collector Car Appreciation Day, the nationwide celebration of automotive passion that is officially proclaimed by the U.S Senate, will get rolling on July 10, 2015, the SEMA Action Network has announced.

That’s the day that everyone with a cool classic car is encouraged to start it up and get it out where everyone can see it, and hopefully create more interest in the hobby of preserving everyone’s automotive heritage.

collector-car-appreciation-day-logo-pngEach year since 2010, the Senate has passed a resolution declaring Collector Car Appreciation Day, during which hobbyists, collectors and car clubs around the country help boost the appreciation of classic cars with such things as car shows, cruises and restoration-shop open houses. Or simply getting them out on the road for the drive to work.

According to the Senate resolution, “The collection and restoration of historic and classic cars is an important part of preserving the technological achievements and cultural heritage of the United States.”

For 2014, more than 100 organized events were held in the U.S. and Canada to support Collector Car Appreciation Day, which is traditionally held on the second Friday of July and typically runs through the weekend.

Part of the push by SEMA, which stands for Specialty Equipment Market Association, is to recognize the many thousands of people who are engaged in auto restoration and parts businesses, and supported by the hobbyists and collectors who patronize them.

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