Coys adds Porsche, Frankfurt auto show auctions

Porsche Classics at the Castle will include sale of 35 cars |Coys photo
Porsche Classics at the Castle will include sale of 35 cars |Coys photo

British auction house Coys has added two more sales to its 2015 schedule. The first will be a sale on September 6 of pre-1974 Porsches in conjunction with the Porsche Classics at the Castle event at Hedingham Castle in Essex, UK. The other, September 26, will be staged with the Frankfurt Motor Show, where Coys becomes the major international auto show’s exclusive auction partner.

“Both personally and with Coys I have enjoyed a lifetime association with the Porsche brand and family and am delighted to be involved in what is said to become the most exclusive Porsche auction in the world,” Coys auctioneer Guy Newton was quoted in a news release about the Porsche Classics at the Castle sale, which is being held to help celebrate the 60th anniversary of the production of the first Porsche 356 Carrera.

Coys plans to offer “just 35 of the finest and most rare examples of the Stuttgart manufacturer, both road and racing cars” at the sale, the company’s news release said.

Meanwhile, Chris Routledge, managing partner of Coys, noted that, “For a number of years now, the historic and modern car worlds have blended, forming an unbroken line of history and heritage together. As seen at the Geneva International Motor Show, modern manufacturers are deeply focused on the heritage and nostalgic elements with classic cars featuring on every major marque stand.

“Historic content at the Frankfurt show will be significant in this new era, and Coys’ auction will be a ground-breaking one.”

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