Broncos and a Mustang
Broncos and a Mustang

Twice each year the Charlotte AutoFair is home to thousands of collector car enthusiasts who are buying and selling exceptional vehicles, restoration parts and supplies and those unique items found only at this event.  Andy Reid, our East Coast Editor will be there covering the event and reporting about it right here.  The event runs from 9th -12th April.  Read on and keep checking back for more stories every day!

Read the news from Charlotte AutoFair:

I learned a lot at the Charlotte AutoFair I Went to Charlotte last week to attend my first Charlotte AutoFair. So what did I see, do and learn at this event? Well in a nutshell… Read more

At AutoFair, pristine AACA classics and a petting zoo Saturday was our third day at the Charlotte AutoFair, and we were again surprised at how many dimensions there are to this one-of-a-kind event. There really is something for everyone here no matter what your car interests… Read more 

Biting and bidding at the Charlotte AutoFair  The Charlotte AutoFair could not live up to its name without having some over the top state fair-style food and I am pleased to say that I sampled a few of the offerings to get a real taste…. Read More

Day Two at Charlotte: Dodges, Americarna, DeLoreans and a chat with Bobby Allison  One of the most difficult things about the Charlotte AutoFair is that there is just so much to see and do.  As a result, I decided that we needed to break it up and to do different things on different days….Read More

My first visit to the Charlotte Auto Fair (with 70,000 of my new best friends) What classic car event has 70,000 car-crazy spectators, 10,000 vendors, more than 5,000 cars on display and for sale, and participation by more than 50 car clubs?…Read More


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