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Jeep’s Euro division picks nine key models for 75th celebration

Nine Jeeps selected to celebrate vehicle's 75th anniversary in Europe | Jeep Europe photo
Nine Jeeps selected to celebrate vehicle’s 75th anniversary in Europe | Jeep Europe photo

The European celebration of Jeep’s 75th anniversary continues with the selection of nine “pioneering new models” that mark “fundamental stages in the history” of the brand and its role in automotive marketing. Continue reading

The Collector: Brian Styles (part 3)

1970 Road Runner 440+6 convertible | Nicole James Photos

The conclusion of our conversation with car collector Brian Styles

Classic Car News: What advice do you have for someone who wants to start collecting cars?

Brian Styles: A couple of things, first everything is cyclical. Every market is cyclical. If you are going to get into a hobby, if you are getting into it as a true collector with multiple cars and invest seven or eight figures into a collection, the best advice is to buy what you love and plan on keeping forever. Continue reading

The Collector: Brian Styles (part 2)

1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 | Nicole James Photos

A continuation of our conversation with car collector Brian Styles

Classic Car News: What is something you have learned about collecting cars?

Brian Styles: If you are really passionate about collecting cars, neither the acquisition of the car nor the completion of the restoration is the end of the journey, it’s kind of the beginning. From then on you get to be the new caretaker, the new story teller. It’s our job, I feel, to take these cars around the country and show them and share them with people, and share the research, the history, and the stories that go along with them. Continue reading

The Collector: Brian Styles

Row of Mopars in the Styles Collection | Nicole James Photos

Since 2009, Brian Styles and his girlfriend, Samantha, have worked to amass the Styles Collection. They have chased after the rarest vehicles with a commitment to preserve and share each automobile’s history. As a result, their south Florida-based collection is home to some of the most desirable American muscle cars, and Japanese muscle cars. They also collect European die-cast toys and vintage pinball machines. Continue reading

Skoda celebrates 50th anniversary of breakthrough coupe

Skoda's 1000 MBX was introduced at Geneva show 50 years ago | Skoda photos
Skoda’s 1000 MBX was introduced at Geneva show 50 years ago | Skoda photos

Tatra may be the most famous of Czechoslovakian automakers, but it is Skoda that celebrated the cult-car status and 50th anniversary of its 1000 MBX coupe at the recent Geneva Motor Show.

The 1000 MBX DeLuxe was introduced in March 1966 at the Geneva show. The car was a roomy five-seater with its 1.0-liter engine mounted behind those passengers. Continue reading

Great Race teaching great lessons to high school students

Dysart High School students next to their 1967 Mercury Cougar | Photos by Nicole James

For over 30 years, pre-1972 antique, vintage and collector cars have competed in the Great Race, a competitive but speed-controlled endurance road rally that takes place each year on over 2,000 miles of public highways across the United States. For some participants the $150,000 in prize money is motivation to compete while others do it for the driving experience and to witness so much of the American landscape first hand.

Continue reading

The Interview: Joseph Mast

Full area during Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2016 | Photos by Hans Marquez

Joseph Mast became the lead auctioneer for Barrett-Jackson in August, 2015, and has done three auctions since then, including Barrett-Jacksons 45th anniversary event in Scottsdale in January.

Continue reading

The Interview: Jason McCormick

Cars on display before auction | McCormick Auctions Photo

McCormick’s Palm Springs Collector Car Auctions celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Its auction February 26-28 in Palm Springs will be its 60th (the company does two sales a year, one in the spring and one in the fall).

The company is run by Jason McCormick, who was 14 when his father, Keith, started doing classic car auctions. Continue reading

The Interview: Ken Block

Ken Block next to the 2016 Focus RS | Photography by Jacqulyn Currey

Ford has produced the Focus RS for some time, but only for the European market — until now. At the recent Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction, the first North American 2016 Ford Focus RS crossed the block and brought $550,000 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). Ken Block was there to talk briefly about the car and to help boost the bidding to benefit charity.

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Students learn to shift for themselves in concours cars

Jed Rapoport lets a student take the wheel of his 1951 Allard K2 | Hagerty photos
Jed Rapoport lets a student take the wheel of his 1951 Allard K2 | Hagerty photos

Imagine learning how to manipulate a manual transmission in a car worth a million dollars?

But that’s what happened the morning before the third annual Arizona Concours d’Elegance when several concours participants shared their vehicles with students at the Hagerty Driving Experience. Continue reading