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100 years ago, federal legislation paved the way forward

A century ago, many 'roads" were little more than muddy ruts | Photos courtesy HVA
A century ago, many ‘roads” were little more than muddy ruts | Photos courtesy HVA

Editor’s note: It was in July, 1916, that President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Aid Road Act, establishing a national policy of providing federal aid for highway construction and maintenance. In so doing, a uniform system of roads was established and helped to further usher in the golden age of American motoring. The following article was produced as part of the act’s centennial by the Historic Vehicle Association.

At the turn of the twentieth century, the motorcar was still largely perceived as a novelty item or, at the very least, something designed only for the wealthiest of Americans. Yet, as the century progressed and technological advancements helped make the assembling of automobiles more efficient and thus more cost effective, more and more ordinary citizens suddenly found themselves able to make the leap from horses to horsepower. Continue reading

Bookshelf: Encyclopedic examination of the International Scout

I-H Scout Cover Portrait 10.28

After 50 years of motor vehicle production, and more than a century after manufacturing its first farm equipment, officials at the International Harvester Company were ready to venture into a new automotive segment. They would design and develop what they officially termed a “small 4×4 unit.” Continue reading

Racing Rewind: 1979 British GP launched Williams team

The Williams FW07 demonstrated the value of ground-effects technology at the British Grand Prix | Sotheby's
The Williams FW07 demonstrated the value of ground-effects technology at the British Grand Prix | Sotheby’s

The British Grand Prix, which took place this past weekend, is one of the most viewed races on the Formula 1 calendar. Many fantastic moments in racing have occurred at the Silverstone Circuit.

One of the somewhat lesser-known but most-spectacular victories at the British GP was during the 1979 race, in which the Williams F1 team won their first competition, and at home, no less. Continue reading

Pick of the Day: 1939 Lincoln Zephyr custom

1939 Lincoln “Zemi” Zephyr

The Lincoln Zephyr received a futuristic styling update in 1938 with minor changes in 1939 that included improved a restyled hood, new hood ornament, front fenders, chrome side trim and newly designed headlamp lenses. Additionally, the front bumper was cut away in the center and skirts were added to the rear wheel wells for a more elegant look. Continue reading

Ernie Adams has a big passion for building little cars

Print in his museum show’s Ernie Adam’ 1939 Chevy Sedan with full-scale 1939 Chevrolet Sedan | Nicole James Photos

Ernie Adams grew up near a landfill in Harvard, Nebraska.  Around the age of 13, he remembers looking out the window of his home and noticing an old refrigerator in the weeds. “It had a black tire swing laying by it and, to me, it looked like a black fender on a white touring car, but miniature.”

Years later, Adams was married, wanted an antique car but couldn’t afford one. And, he said, “We lived in a trailer space and I didn’t have the room for one.” Continue reading

Not fade away: Milwaukee festival celebrates ’50s car culture

Hot rods and customs  roll in for the foutth annual Blue Ribbon Beer Run in Milwaukee | William Hall photos
Hot rods and customs roll in for the foutth annual Blue Ribbon Beer Run in Milwaukee | William Hall photos

Midwestern hot-rod lifestylers convened on the old Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to celebrate everything Fifties at the fourth-annual Blue Ribbon Beer Run on June 8. Hundreds of greasers and pin-up girls reclaimed the music, look and culture of their grandparents in an open-air festival to America’s golden age. Continue reading

Pick of the Day: 1935 Ford 1/2 Ton Pickup

1935 Ford 1/2 Ton Pickup

Chameleon paint can make any collector car stand out from the mundane and ordinary at a car show. The paint appears to change colors when seen in different light and at different angles, so two people will rarely see the vehicle as the exact same color, which can cause heated debate similar to that of “the dress” last year. (For no apparent reason, some people viewing the infamous dress on the internet saw it in a certain color, while other saw it entirely differently.)

Continue reading

Hagerty graph shows collector cars with best sell-through rates


Sell-through rates are a measure of success not only of collector car auctions but of the cars themselves. Ever wonder what percentage get hammered “sold!” among those that come up for sale?

The latest graph from Hagerty collector car insurance and valuation shows the top 10 vehicles with the highest sell-through rates at North American auctions during the past 12 months. They are a motley mix of types and eras, although some patterns stand out, Hagerty says. Continue reading

Collector motorcycles gain attention as classic car values soar

Classic bikes are fun to ride and affordable to own, and they don't take up much space | Bill Hall photos
Classic bikes are fun to ride and affordable to own, and they don’t take up much space | William Hall photos

Want an exotic, high-performance classic from a boutique Italian builder? How about a glorious relic from a bespoke British marque? A big American cruiser, or perhaps a reliable Japanese road-scorcher?

If your epicurean tastes have been priced out of the collector car market, you might discover that classic motorcycles offer much of the same mechanical fascination, require less space, and are much more affordable than their four-wheeled counterparts. Continue reading

Driven: 2016 Volvo XC90 T6 AWD Inscription

The Volvo Xc90 crossover SUV was completely made over for 2016 | Bob Golfen photo

The 2016 Volvo XC90 T6 is a splendid SUV, a clean-slate effort by the Swedish brand – flush with Chinese money – to create something quite special. The styling is gorgeous, in a blocky SUV kind of way, and the interior in the test truck was just about the classiest luxury cabin that I have seen this side of a Bentley. Just beautiful, and rich with the scent of leather and wood.

The all-wheel-drive XC90 is as loaded with electronic gear as humanly possible, much of it to maintain Volvo’s longstanding safety mission. Among the lengthy laundry list of driving aids are those designed to keep you from wandering out of your lane, crashing into another vehicle in any variety of circumstances, running over a bicyclist, falling asleep at the wheel or parking the car using your own feeble abilities. Continue reading