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1967 Mustang most popular search on in March

1967 Ford Mustang fastback | photo courtesy Mecum Auctions
1967 Ford Mustang fastback | Mecum Auctions photo

For the eighth month in a row, and for the 12th time in the past 13 months, the 1967 Ford Mustang was the most searched-for vehicle on during March 2016. As usual, around 20,000 people searched the site for ’67 Mustangs.

Ford expert Kevin Marti, author of the Marti Report documents that verify the histories of various Ford vehicles, thinks the ’67 Mustang’s popularity traces to Eleanor, the name of the star car in the Gone In 60 Seconds movies, both the 1974 original and the 2000 remake featuring Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie. Continue reading

An enduring moment: Toyota uses wood to craft a barchetta

A 'moment' that endures -- Toyota shows its Setsuna concept at Milan Design Week | Toyota photos
A ‘moment’ that endures — Toyota shows its Setsuna concept at Milan Design Week | Toyota photos

It’s Design Week in Milan, Italy, where furniture and fashion designers from around the world display their latest creations. But this year, it seems, one of the highlights of the show is a car, albeit a concept car that draws on tradition to show how attached people, especially families, can become to their vehicles.

The car is Setsuna, a concept from Toyota made primarily of wood. If you’re a classic car enthusiast who laments the dearth of woodworking skills, you should be delighted to see a vehicle that uses wood for the frame, floor, exterior panels and seats. Continue reading

Vintage tractors popular at Mecum’s Gone Farmin’ sale

One of several hundred tractors crosses the block | Mecum Auctions Gone Farmin' photos
One of several hundred tractors crosses the block | Mecum Auctions Gone Farmin’ photos

Classic cars and vintage motorcycles aren’t the only vehicles people collect. Mecum Auctions’ Gone Farmin’ division just staged its largest-ever collector tractor sale with 380 of them crossing the block at the Spring Classic sale in Davenport, Iowa.

With a 94-percent sell-through, the sale posted $3.2 million in revenue, a nearly $1 million increase compared with the same event in 2015. Continue reading

Clarion’s 1974 BMW 2002 earns $125,000 for cause close to the heart of Barrett-Jackson

1974 BMW 2002 | Nicole James Photos

From the very beginning, Barrett-Jackson has helped make significant contributions to benefit all sorts of charity. However, at the company’s 14th annual Palm Beach auction this weekend, the $125,000 spent on a 1974 BMW 2002 went to a charity very close to the auction house’s heart, the Barrett-Jackson cancer research fund at the TGen foundation.

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Classic do over: Jaguar, Land Rover re-create heritage

Land Rover is searching for decent Series 1 examples to turn into restored showpieces | Land Rover
Land Rover is searching for decent Series 1 examples to turn into restored showpieces | Land Rover

British automakers Jaguar and Land Rover have announced plans to bring acclaimed pieces of their heritage back to life by creating essentially new examples of 1940s and ’50s models.

For Jaguar, the goal is to produce nine “continuation” examples of the exclusive 1957 XKSS sports cars, with the Jaguar Classic division hand crafting the new cars to the exact specifications of the originals. The XKSS roadsters were originally planned as a run of 25 cars to be built from leftover D-type endurance racers, with multiple changes that transformed them from competition weapons into road-going vehicles. Continue reading

Barrett-Jackson experts offer tips for buying and selling

Barrett-Jackson panelists

‘Behind the Hobby” is the title of a series of collector car symposiums being presented at the various Barrett-Jackson auctions this year, each featuring industry experts, including several who review cars on the auction docket in an effort to make sure the cars are correctly represented.

One such symposium Saturday at Palm Beach was moderated by Alan Taylor with panelists including Ken Lingenfelter, a well-known collector and head of the aftermarket and tuning company that was started by his late cousin, John; David Wise, Barrett-Jackson Mopar expert; Roy Sinor, Barrett-Jackson Corvette expert; Jeff Catline from the Barrett-Jackson Collection Showroom; and Steve Chryssos, Barrett-Jackson specialist program manager; and Ron Fiamma, Barrett-Jackson sponsored insurance.

1998 Porsche 993 for sale at Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach

The discussion began with Taylor proposing the question, “What are the top five things to look for when purchasing a collector car?”

Taylor told the audience the first thing is to understand your objective and to develop a plan to achieve that objection, and he spoke about the difference between buying cars at auction as a dealer versus buying as a collector, and the emotions that come with each perspective.

“I’m passionate about what I do and I buy cars that I like,” said Lingenfelter. “I try to buy a car that I would be OK if I had to sell it, but never go into it thinking I’ll make money.”

Lingenfelter said he tries to add unique cars to his collection, cars he likes, but “not something that will be impossible to sell if need be.”

The panelists said research is crucial. It is important to know the market segment and price range of vehicles your considering.

Chryssos stressed vehicle provenance, explaining that the more documentation and original factory paperwork that comes with a vehicle, the more valuable it tends to be. The vehicle’s owner history and service records also are important, he said.

Signor said examining the VIN and trim tags, body stamping and powertrain ID can ensure the car is, indeed, what it is being advertised as.

When buying and selling collector cars, condition plays a huge role, the panelists said. The appearance,  how the paint shows, trim and panel fit are important, but one of the biggest things that makes a difference is detailing. Taylor shared a story of his son buying a dirty car that ran well for $2,800. He went through and vacuumed it, detailed it as best he knew how, and had sold it just a few days later for double what he paid. Even if a good detailing won’t bring you double your money, it certainly enhances a potential buyer’s first impression and might be the difference between a sale or no sale.

Finally, the panelists discussed collectability and whether a car appeals to a wider audience or a smaller one. They agreed unanimously that while all cars have some type of niche following, generally the more popular brands will be the most desirable.


To drive or not to drive? Another Ford vs. Ferrari debate

2006 Ford GT Heritage Edition | Nicole James Photos

Ford has been doing a lot of cool stuff lately and some of it can be seen at the corporate display inside the 14th annual Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach auction venue. Aside from the  Shelby GT350 Mustang, Ford has been teasing us with the new Ford GT, a modern take on the  GT40 that became the subject of legend by beating Ferrari and taking first through third in the 24 Hours of LeMans some 50 years ago.

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Eye Candy: Inaugural International Jaguar Festival concours

The leaper mascot on the hood of a Jaguar XK150 | Bob Golfen photos
The leaper mascot on the hood of a Jaguar XK150 | Bob Golfen photos

On the first Sunday in May, the sculpted forms of Jaguar sports cars, race cars and “saloons” were spread across the grass at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort in Arizona for the concours of the inaugural International Jaguar Festival.

The free-to-the-public display of beautiful British motorcars ranged from the evocative pre-war SS models that predated the Jaguar brand, through the decades of performance-honed production cars, such as the iconic E-type, to the latest offerings from Jaguar, including its very first SUV, the 2017 F-Pace. Continue reading

Window shopping with Nicole at Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach

Crowds check out cars offered by Barrett-Jackson in Palm Beach | Nicole James Photos

Barrett-Jackson has taken over Palm Beach, Florida, for their 14th annual sale. Being that its in Florida with warm weather and sunshine, I knew it was something I could not miss. Continue reading

New enterprise is an Airbnb for classic and exotic cars

Rental fleet includes (from left) 1984 Ferrari 308, 1964 Shelby Cobra replica, 1958 MG MGA and 1971 Mini Cooper S | Classics&Exotics photo
Rental availability includes (from left) 1984 Ferrari 308, 1964 Shelby Cobra replica, 1958 MG MGA and 1971 Mini Cooper S | Classics&Exotics photo

So you’re going to be sightseeing in the nation’s capital and you want to be seen as well as see the sights. As of this month, you can rent a 1973 Steyre Puch Pinzgauer 712M to carry you and as many as 13 friends and relatives on your tour.

Don’t need a retired Swiss military troop transport? Well, there are 100 other collector vehicles — and the list is growing weekly — available across the country from Classics&Exotics, a sort of Airbnb created to help classic car owners benefit by renting out their vehicles while also getting potential newcomers to the hobby behind the wheel. Continue reading