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Can famed Hudson museum be saved from auction block?

A look inside the Hostetler's Hudsons Auto Museum during a visit in 2014 | Larry Edsall photos
A look inside the Hostetler’s Hudsons Auto Museum during a visit in 2014 | Larry Edsall photos

Unless a new funding scheme can be devised, and quickly, what is considered to be the nation’s best collection of Hudson automobiles seems destined to be dispersed at auction. Continue reading

Hot rods (most beautiful and otherwise) featured at Petersen

AMBR winners and other hot rods lined up for Petersen museum exhibit | Petersen photos by Ted7
AMBR winners and other hot rods lined up for Petersen museum exhibit | Petersen photos by Ted7

Things are hoppin’ — quite literally — these days at the Petersen Automotive Museum, which just opened its newest exhibit of Lowriders, some of which can hop and dance. Next up is a Deuce Day celebration of the traditional hot rods that, depending on your age, might have carried you, or your parents, or perhaps even your grandparents from the dry lakes to the sock hop.

Coinciding with the 85th anniversary of flathead-V8-powered 1932 Fords, known among hot rodders as the deuce, is a second-floor exhibit in the museum featuring 10 of America’s Most Beautiful Roadsters. Continue reading

Cousins: Camaros, Firebirds seize spotlight at AACA museum

AACA Museum celebrates 50th birthday of GM's F-body cousins -- Camaro and Firebird | Photos by Nick Kurczewski
AACA Museum celebrates 50th birthday of GM’s F-body cousins — Camaro and Firebird | Photos by Nick Kurczewski

With the introduction of the Chevrolet Camaro in 1966, followed one year later by its mechanical twin cousin, the Pontiac Firebird, an all-out performance battle was officially launched between General Motors and the Ford Motor Company. Targeted squarely at the Mustang, Ford’s runaway sales hero that had been launched for the 1964½ model year, the GM duo had a tremendously difficult task ahead of them: unseat the very vehicle that inspired the term “pony car.” Continue reading

Museums: Petersen’s ‘Deuce Day’ to celebrate the hot rod

Vic Edelbrock | Petersen photo
Vic Edelbrock Jr. | Petersen photo

The Petersen Automotive Museum will commemorate the 85th anniversary of the 1932 Ford “Deuce” with a day-long car show cruise-in and celebration on Saturday, July 15th, ‘Deuce Day.’

The car was nicknamed “Deuce” for the second digit of its model year. It was one of the first affordable production cars with a V8 engine and a favorite of hot rodders in post-war Southern California.

The car show is open to hot-rod fans of all types, with special parking on the top deck of the parking structure for ’32 Fords.  Immediately following the show, at 4:00 p.m., a procession of deuces will rally from the Petersen to the Edelbrock Museum in Torrance to pay tribute to performance icon and Los Angeles native Vic Edelbrock, who helped shape the performance industry and died June 9 at the age of 80, and to famed car builder and customizer Pete Chapouris, who also died earlier this year.

Pete Chapouris
Pete Chapouris

Other highlights includes a display of America’s Most Beautiful Roadster winners.

The day starts at 7:30 a.m. Show car registration is available online.

Car Shows 

Today, the Great Race visits Stahls Auto Museum in the Detroit area. The museum anticipates the arrival of the first car around 12:20 p.m. and will be open to the public from 3-5 p.m.

The Blackhawk Collection in Northern California holds its first-Sunday Cars & Coffee on July 2 and will celebrate Collector Car Appreciation Day on July 14, 2017.

The British Motor Museum holds the “BMC & Leyland Show” on July 2. The show will have approximately 400 vehicles on display, including cars, commercial and military, in addition to vehicles produced under the BMC marque.

Then, the museum hosts the ninth Old Ford Rally in conjunction with the Ford Y & C Register on July 15. The following day, around 600 classic Fords will go on display at the biggest rally of classic Fords in the UK.  On July 30, the British Motor Museum expects more than 700 cars from 38 different clubs to be present at “Simply Japanese,” one of the museum’s largest events.

The Kansas City Automotive Museum’s fourth annual People’s Choice Car Show is set for July 15 and runs from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. Car registration is a $10 donation to KC Automotive Museum and all makes and models are welcome.

Museums in motion

Saturday, the Simeone Museum holds a Demo Day themed “Revolutionary Rides Demo Day.” The museum plans to run some of the most revolutionary cars of their time and showcase how the “revolutionary designs” changed and influenced cars today.

The museum holds an additional Demo Day on July 22 themed “Ford vs. Chevy.” The Simeone is seeking a few die-hard Chevy supporters to help settle the age-old battle and show their Nova, Camaro, or Chevelle from the ’60s or ’70s.

On July 7, the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville holds a driving experience with visitors getting to drive some of the museum’s vehicles.

The National Corvette Museum takes enthusiasts on adventures to the Northwest Passage -– the coastal region of Seattle, Washington, Tacoma, and Mount Rainier -– set for July 26-30. Then on August 18-23 the museum heads to Kingman, Arizona and travels portions of Route 66 to Long Beach, CA with a visit to LA, followed by a drive to Roanoke, West Virginia, for some R&R on August 27-29. As with all Museum in Motion Tours, space is limited, so make sure you sign up quickly.

America’s newest racing school, the Lucas Oil School of Racing, makes its fourth stop of its 2017 racing season at the NCM Motorsports Park next month. From July 15-18, racing enthusiasts have the chance to pack the track and take in four full days of competition, as not only will there be a pair of race days, but also two days of instruction from skilled professionals.

The AACA Museum in Pennsylvania offers tours to England in early September and to Italy in November, and the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum in Knoxville, Iowa, will award a raffle winner with a trip for two to Australia that includes tickets to the Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic races. Contact the various museums for details.

The Blackhawk holds a day trip to the Pebble Beach Concours on August 20.

Exhibits and Education

The Petersen opens “the High Art of Riding Low: Ranflas, Corazón e Inspiración,” a celebration of lowriders and Chicano art on Saturday. Then, July 11, the museum’s education and programs manager Jason Hartwig will discuss the relationship between automobiles and international affairs, from the car’s infancy to the modern day.

The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum in Indiana will debut its second online exhibit of the year on Saturday. The exhibit titled “Paul Reuter-Lorenzen: The Art of Automobile Design” is the second in a series of three online exhibits featured on the museum’s website during 2017.

The Blackhawk Museum holds its next Speaker Series event on July 8, featuring author and classic car historian Donald Osborne, who appears with his regular feature on the CNBC primetime series, “Jay Leno’s Garage.” The discussion with launch the museum’s new exhibition, Transatlantic Style – A Romance of Fins & Chrome, which is based upon Osborne’s book of the same title, which is a collaborative project with award winning photographer Michael Furman. The exhibit will run from July 8 thru September 30, and will feature over 20 automobiles that showcase the depth and range of the creative exchange in automotive design between Italy and America in the decade following the end of World War II.

The Simeone’s newest special exhibit, “Mopar or No Car,” runs through July 9.

Three new exhibits have opened at the AACA Museum. Garage Finds: Unrestored Treasure that Survived Time runs through October 8; Detroit Underdogs are on display through August 27; the 50th anniversary of Camaro and Firebird is featured through October 8.

The National Corvette Museum hosts  “Kentucky: 225 Years on the Move” opening August 28 and running through Spring 2018 to celebrate the anniversary of statehood.

The America on Wheels museum offers summer camps July 11-14, 25-28, and August 1-4 for children ages 6-12. During sessions, children will learn the practical applications behind how engines work, how cars are designed and built, and how automobiles shaped America.

A Murder Mystery & Dinner takes place on Sunday, July 23, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Seal Cove Auto Museum in Maine.

Year of the Lowrider includes new Petersen exhibition

Gilbert 'Magu" Lujan created Our Family Car, a 1950 Chevrolet sedan, that will be part of the exhibition | Petersen museum photos by Ted7
Gilbert ‘Magu” Lujan created Our Family Car, a 1950 Chevrolet sedan, that will be part of the exhibition | Petersen museum photos by Ted7

Why do Lowriders prefer Chevys? See related story.

2017 is emerging as the Year of the Lowrider.


• Historical museums in Colorado and New Mexico recently concluded exhibitions focused on the colorful cruisers with their sometimes hyper-hydraulic suspension systems, and the museum in Santa Fe also published a significant new book on the subject. Continue reading

Chevy is vehicle of choice for Lowriders, and they’re not alone

1968 Chevrolet Impala 'El MuertoRider' by Artemio Rodriguez and John Jota Leanos | Petersen museum photos by Ted7
1968 Chevrolet Impala ‘El MuertoRider’ by Artemio Rodriguez and John Jota Leanos | Petersen museum photos by Ted7

There is a theory that Lowriders tend to favor Chevrolets because of the X-frame chassis General Motors introduced in the late 1950s, an undercarriage design that left room to accommodate the hydraulic suspension systems that enable these highly customized cars to live up to their goal of being driven low and slow. Continue reading

Garage-find classics rule at this AACA museum exhibit

1913 Empire went into a barn after farmer's sons rolled it over | Nick Kurczewski photos
1913 Empire went into a barn after farmer’s sons rolled it over | Nick Kurczewski photos

To restore or not to restore, that’s the question many classic car owners face at least once during the lifetime of a vehicle. Do you keep the car’s original patina and celebrate the imperfections that come with old age? Or, is the better choice to undertake a complete restoration and make the car sparkle like it was new again?

In the case of the AACA Museum’s new showcase exhibit, “Garage Finds: Unrestored Treasures that Survived Time,” that difficult decision has already been made for you. Of the more than 40 cars on display, many are veritable time-warp examples, vehicles that have miraculously escaped the wraith of rust-inducing winters and fender-bashing shopping carts. Continue reading

Museums: McLaren featured at museums here and abroad

McLaren BMW F1 GTR | Louwman Museum
McLaren BMW F1 GTR | Louwman Museum

The Petersen Automotive Museum holds a movie night Saturday that will act as the exclusive L.A. premiere of McLaren, the movie that recounts Bruce McLaren’s life from his from humble beginnings at his father’s auto shop in Auckland, New Zealand, to revolutionizing Formula One racing, becoming the youngest driver to win a Grand Prix until his untimely death at 32 in a racing accident.

Continue reading

Harley-Davidson Museum celebrates The Race of Gentlemen

Hot rods from The Race of Gentlemen on display at the Harley-Davidson Museum | William Hall
Hot rods from The Race of Gentlemen on display at the Harley-Davidson Museum | William Hall

When Jim Nelson and friends returned home from World War II to Carlsbad, California, they had two things on their minds – girls and speed. In 1945, they formed a club to pursue the latter, and The Oilers Car Club was born.

Their exploits might have been lost to time if not for their inclusion in the award-winning 2003 book, The Birth of Hot Rodding: The Dry Lakes Era by Robert Genat and Don Cox. A lifetime away on the opposite coast, Mel Stultz and friends obsessed over the book’s images of the early days of post-war hot-rodding, reaching out to author Genat who put them in touch with the original Oilers. Continue reading