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My Classic Car: Roxy’s 1951 Chevrolet Bel Air

The 1951 Chevrolet Bel Air, lowered and upgraded V8 powertrain
The 1951 Chevrolet Bel Air, lowered and upgraded V8 powertrain

In 1958, I turned 16 and got my first car, a ’50 Chevy convertible my two older sisters had abandoned. I fixed it up, and for the next two years it was my cruiser for school, and most importantly, the drive-ins at night!

Back then, on the west side of Denver, the hot spots to cruise were Berry’s Drive in, 2 Frosted Scotchman’s, The White Spot, and a couple more. Continue reading

Registration still open for free Monterey auction tours

Andy Reid explains the auction process | Nicole James photo
Andy Reid explains the auction process | Nicole James photo

For the third year in a row, offers free tours of three of the auction venues during Monterey Car Week, and there’s still time to register.

Two of the tours will be led by our resident collector car and auction analyst Andy Reid, who has been leading such tours for a dozen years. Continue reading

Registration opens for free Monterey auction tours

Andy Reid leads on of the auction tours | Nicole James photos
Andy Reid leads one of the auction tours | Nicole James photos

Going to Monterey Car Week? Curious about how to buy a car at one of the many collector car auctions? Or maybe you’re a veteran collector but are simply looking for some fresh insight about cars you’re considering.

Regardless, has a deal for you — and it’s free! Continue reading

Five rapidly appreciating cars from the “Class of 92″

1992 Dodge Viper

The experts at have identified five vehicles from the 1992 model year that represent great investments—especially for nostalgic-minded enthusiasts looking for something special to drive to their 25th reunion.

“Representing a broad spectrum of domestic and import makes and models, this list identifies cars that are showing significant signs of appreciation on the market,” said Andy Reid,’s East Coast editor and analyst. “These cars represent a new segment of the collector car hobby, which emphasizes models from the ’80s and ’90s.

The Class of ’92 list includes:

  • 1992 Acura NSX—A landmark car when introduced, the NSX was the first sensible supercar to offer all the glitz and glamour of an exotic with Honda reliability. Only 7421 were made for U.S. buyers over the eight-year lifespan of this first-generation model. With availability limited, demand continues to grow
  • 1992 BMW M3—Universally hailed as one of the best BMW’s ever built, it’s basically the Swiss army knife of cars, available as a convertible, sedan or coupe, an option for every taste. The M3 also boasts a well-documented heritage as a race car. The first-generation M3 delivered everything it promised, and more. Models from 1992—especially those with low mileage—are extremely valuable
  • 1992 Dodge Viper—The brainchild of Bob Lutz with input from Carrol Shelby, the Viper is a modern-day Cobra, the kind of car we’ll never see again. Only 285 Vipers were built in 1992, the year this supercar made its debut. This is the model year that true collectors want, but availability is scarce
  • 1992 Porsche 968—The final version of the Porsche 924/944 platform, this reengineered ’92 model was the first to be completely built by Porsche, with no input from Audi. Total North American production that year was limited to 1,440 units. Very few are available, and low-mileage ones are almost impossible to find
  • 1992 Toyota MR2—The 1992 MR2 has gone up in price because good examples of low-mileage cars are scarce. We’ve seen a resurgence in demand for Japanese cars, and this is one of those that is extremely sought after.

“With the exception of the Viper, all offer niceties of a modern car but all the nostalgia of a classic,” Reid said. “This new generation of collectors love driving these cars. Accordingly, these five are as usable as they are collectible.” adds Michael Murray as Area Sales Manager

Michael Murray
Michael Murray joins as Area Sales Manager has appointed automotive industry veteran Michael Murray to area sales manager.

Murray, who brings more than 18 years of sales experience in the automotive industry to, will take the lead in driving vertical media revenue and in building marketing partnerships with key automotive brand leaders, according to the company.

Murray joins from National Business Media, where he spent 13 years holding various positions. Most recently, he served as associate publisher at THE SHOP. He previously held positions at Volant Performance and K&N Engineering.

Murray won the 2016 Robert E. Petersen Award during the 2017 Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council (MPMC) Media trade Conference in Santa Ana, California.

“Michael brings extensive sales and leadership qualities that will help us further our growth and market presence,” said Roger Falcione, president and CEO of “As the area sales manager, he will drive revenue and build relationships that will benefit for years to come.”

Countdown to Barrett-Jackson Northeast 2017: 2017 Ferrari 488 Spider

2017 Ferrari 488 Spider | Barrett-Jackson photo
2017 Ferrari 488 Spider | Barrett-Jackson photo

Editor’s note: This is the final in a 10-day sponsored series featuring cars to be sold June 21-24 during Barrett-Jackson’s Northeast auction.

This 2017 Ferrari 488 Spider is offered during the second annual Barrett-Jackson Northeast auction with a reserve, and is seen in Corsa Red with just 77 actual miles. Continue reading