Andy’s picks at RM Sotheby’s 2017 Monterey auction

The Ferrari Daytona known as the 'Harrah Hot Rod' is among Andy's favorites at RM Sotheby's auction in Monterey | Andy Reid photos
The Ferrari Daytona known as the ‘Harrah Hot Rod’ is among Andy’s favorites at RM Sotheby’s auction in Monterey | Andy Reid photos

RM Sotheby’s auction consistently has been the place to buy the finest cars on offer during Monterey car week and this year is no exception. There are so many extraordinary cars at the Portolo hotel & spa in downtown Monterey that it is difficult to even take it all in.

But despite the sheer number of amazing cars, I have done my best to give you a list that I would most like to drive home in place of the Porsche 944 I drove out from Connecticut to Monterey.

1959 Aston Martin DBR
This is a factory team car, one of five built, and was driven by none other than Roy Salvadori, Stirling Moss, Jack Brabham and Carroll Shelby. It is also to me the most beautiful sports racing car of all time. I am doubtful if I will ever see one available on the open market again and would desperately love to own this car.
1972 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Berlinetta ‘Harrah Hot Rod’
Possibly the most famous street Daytona in the world. The car got its name when Bill Harrah was approached by a Sikorsky helicopter salesman who wanted to sell Harrah a helicopter to make his commute from Vegas to Reno faster. Harrah said he would buy the helicopter if it could make the trip faster than he could do it in his Daytona. The helicopter lost the race, with Harrah averaging 148 mph. He did not buy a helicopter.
harrah hot rod
1930 Bentley 6½-Litre Speed Six Sportsman’s Saloon by Corsica
This car is a one-of, built in period by Corsica. Pictures do not do the car justice. To me, this is the most magnificent W.O. Bentley car ever constructed. It has a sinister elegance that makes me want it more than any other Bentley motorcar.
1953 Cunningham C3
This was Briggs Cunningham’s personal C3 ad has been owned by the Cunningham family since new. This car is the kind of car you could show at Amelia and Pebble, vintage race at Laguna or Le Mans, and take on the Mille Miglia. In other words, it is a single car that I could do literally anything I would ever want to do in the classic car hobby. Does it get better than that?
cunningham c3
1965 Shelby GT350
An unrestored and first-year GT350 is hard to beat. Of all the Shelby cars out there, including Cobras, this is the one I would most love to own. It is next to impossible to find an unrestored Shelby GT350 in this kind of preservation condition. If I did, I would use any excuse to drive it.
1993 Jaguar XJ220
It seems that everyone has forgotten that until the launch of the McLaren F1, the XJ220 was the world’s fastest production car, capable 212 mph. When compared to the Ferrari F40, F50 and the McLaren, these cars are somehow still a bargain. I honestly feel that these cars will get their day in the sun and eventually be worth north of a million dollars. Buy one now.

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