Andy’s picks at Bonhams’ 2017 Monterey auction

This Ferrari 288 GTO is among the cars Andy would love to take home from Bonhams' sale at The Quail
This Ferrari 288 GTO is among the cars Andy would love to take home from Bonhams’ sale at The Quail

I remember my first trip to Monterey Car Week in 2001, and going to the Bonhams auction and discovering a variety of cars at various price points, everything from full classics and classic sports cars to wonderous supercars and race cars.

Now celebrating its 20th auction on this northern California peninsula, Bonhams still has a variety of cars on its docket — though the price points have changed a bit.

To put it plainly, the cars on offer Friday at Bonhams sale at The Quail are possibly the finest I have seen the company offer in Monterey, with top-tier collector cars taking the stage. There are still a few “affordable” cars, but things certainly have been kicked up a notch or two. The cars are nothing short of spectacular, making the job of picking just a few that I would love to have all the more difficult.

Just to warn you in advance, few if any of the cars I am picking are what might be considered “affordable,” but they are all cars I would love to have in my garage.

1984 Ferrari 288 GTO
I consider the 288 GTO the thinking man’s choice in a more modern Ferrari. With only 272 produced and a top speed that is said to be 179 mph, this is a car for me. It has nice design cues in homage to the original 250 GTO, working air conditioning, and is often mistaken for a 308 GTB. It is the car that will not only impress you behind the wheel but also offer a level of exclusivity mixed with anonymity as only serious Ferrari fans will see it as anything but a 308 GTB. This is a car I have loved for a long time and feel has still more room to increase in price while delivering a thrilling driving experience.
275 GTB alloy long nose
1955 Porsche 356 Continental
This 356 is a sort of origin of the species for Porsche road cars. While not one of the very earliest cars built, it is still early enough to be a sort of Alpha car in the legend that is Porsche. Everything that was to come afterward, the racing victories, later legendary models such as the 911, all stemmed from cars like this one. These early bent window cars are rarely seen at auction and this car is a rare matching numbers example.
1962 Lotus Elite Series 2
This charming model is likely my all-time favorite Lotus road car. The Elite has Le Mans racing history and is the car I leaned to drive a stick, taught by none other than Lotus racing legend Jay Chamberlain. It is also possibly one of the prettiest small-bore sports cars ever built. I honestly feel that these cars are still a bargain and if you have wanted one you should seriously consider this one.
1963 E-type Lightweight
This is an easy pick. It is one of the three Briggs Cunningham team cars. Enough said.
e type lightweight
1956 Maserati 300S
One of four built and raced by Fangio. Like the ex-Cunningham E-type, not much else needs to be said.
This Ferrari 288 GTO is among the cars Andy would love to take home from Bonhams' sale at The Quail
This Ferrari 288 GTO is among the cars Andy would love to take home from Bonhams' sale at The Quail
1965 Ferrari 275 GTB Alloy
One of the most beautiful Ferrari road cars ever, created to be a factory Prova or test car and in the fantastic color of Celeste Blue. As few as 60 of these alloy-bodied 275s were built and there are few sports cars from the era as capable. I would dearly love this car in my garage. As former RM auctioneer was fond of saying, “Just look at the car and raise your hand to bid."
275 GTB alloy long nose

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