Eye Candy: Alfa Romeo Owner Club National Convention

Alfa Romeo. The name alone conjures images of racing victories and sports car history. The company has created some of the most successful and beautiful sports cars in the history of automobiles and that is why we were excited to attend and judge the concours at Alfamiglia Nordfest, the Alfa Romeo Owner Club National Convention held recently in Warwick, Rhode Island.

One of the greatest things about the Alfa Romeo marque is that the range of prices for these wonderful cars can be anywhere between $3,500 and multi millions, making for a collector car that is attainable by just about anyone no matter their budget.

The cars on the show field were incredible with everything from the rarest pre-war models to the newest 4C. Some standouts included a 1939 6C 2300, a beautiful TZ, the nicest 2600 Spider we have ever seen, and scores of Spiders, Sprints, Alfettas, and Milanos.

Basically if you were a fan of Alfa Romeo cars there was something you would enjoy.

The concours is a bit different from most others in that it is broken down into two categories, one for high-level concours cars and the other for what they call show-and-shine cars. This level of inclusiveness allows even those with average daily drivers to participate in the fun and is an idea a lot more concours should consider.

Next year the Alfa Romeo Owners Club Convention is in Nashville.

Photos by Andy Reid

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