10 major moments in Mercedes-Benz early racing history

The following are 10 major moments in the early history of Mercedes-Benz’ involvement in motorsports:

1908Christian Lautenschläger and mechanic Meckle win the French Grand Prix near Dieppe in a Mercedes 140-horsepower racer
1910Barney Oldfield exceeds 131 miles per hour for a "flying mile" in record runs on the beach at Ormond Bay near Daytona Beach, Fla.
1911Bob Burman and the 200-horsepower "Blitzen Benz" set speed records at Daytona Beach
1914Ralph de Palma wins the Vanderbilt race at Santa Monica in a 37/95-hp Mercedes.
1922Count Giulio Masetti wins the Targa Florio in a 115-horsepower Mercedes Grand Prix racer.
1928Mercedes SS racing touring cars sweep the German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring.
1931Rudolf Caracciola and Wilhelm Sebastian win the Mille Miglia, a first for a foreigner in Italy's 1000-mile test.
1935Rudolf Caracciola and his "Silver Arrow" Mercedes-Benz W25 win the French Grand Prix.
1936Rudolf Caracciola sets speed records in a streamlined Mercedes-Benz W25 on the Darmstadt motorway.
1937Manfred von Brauchitsch wins with teammate Rudolf Caracciola second around Loews corner on their way to a 1-2 finish in the Monaco Grand Prix.

Photos courtesy Mercedes-Benz

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